Sunday, April 15, 2012

opaqus welcomes WHATS THE POINT!

so we have alot of news!! Opaqus Records would like to welcome WHATS THE POINT! to the stable ,they just came out the studio with 5 fresh tracks of speaker shattering blackened powerviolence (3 REVISED SONGS 2 NEVER RECORDED TRACKS) all of which will be on the cassette coming out soon on opaqus records!! #2 the BRIDGE cassettes are almost complete!#3 the EXOGORTH/BANGSTAT 7''s are on route to the headquarters NOW after months of delay #4 we have FOUR yes FOUR new 7''s in the works that all should be out mid june,one of which is the insane ass new agathocles/maximum thrash split 7'(if you havent heard the teaser track and you think you know agathocles..think again,new style same hate!! and the rest ..i would tell you, but i would have to snap your neck!! puro top secret!! grind on!!

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