Monday, November 7, 2011

TOxDIE double floppy out now!!

comes with a cdr,limited to 50 copys

Started in 1998, To Die is originally a Hardcorepunk band from Jogjakarta, Indonesia that changing it’s members consecutively here and there and resulting in changes of the band’s musical direction. To Die finally decided to make this band as a sort of an artists collective workshop where there are no fixed rules about who are allowed to do collaboration in the band, with no boundaries on any type of music that they wanted to play at that time. So, anyone will be welcome by To Die if they wishes to do collaboration with them, although of course the attitude that remains is to use a DIY hardcorepunk roots. as for the lyrics, we speak about our life, from our own personal perspective. we think that personal is a political stance too. we like to join on a compilation project or doing a split album with other bands from around the globe as a mean of communication. since communication is the true meaning of hardcorepunk.
this is our stuff so far:...-TO DIE


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