Sunday, April 1, 2012


OPQ- so who the fuck is this,what city in washington are you from/grow up in and what do you do in play in totes brute?
riff master ricky-this is Totes Brute from Seattle Washington. i make the panty dropping shred sounds

crunk wolf-I hit things with sticks. boom boom crash crash

killa cam cam-Wolf howls and arm flailing.

OPQ-  I actually grew lowel(snohomish county) and when I was young I knew what speed was but didnt know the "trademarks" of tweekerdom and as I got older alot shit started making sense haha so whats seattle like in that regards and/or craziest drug related shit youve witnessed?

richie-oh shit i've seen some crazy shit, lived in some crazy places. i had a shitty apartment in georgetown in south seattle several years back, this old cuban guy in the basement sold crack, there was a crazy tweaker chick that hated me for my loud music in the apartment below mine, and the guy in the apartment next to me also sold crack i found out. always had crackheads, chickenheads knocking on my apartment. on 06-06-06 actually a bunch of us were getting fucked up and cameron came over hearing gun shots in the alley and a crackhead running out the back with my guitar, a real sweet old hagstrom guitar.

Cam- Coming home with the homie after painting when in was 18, we were drunk ass fuck and this girl started banging on my door saying our building manager was I ran upstairs and he was floping around like a fish, he got revived but it was fucked.

Crunk Wolf-wow tough question, like, I get high and shit and it's whatever, but this question, whoa I see fucked up shit every day.

OPQ-Hahaha excellent! Yea it seems alot of the kids I knew up there were jr sociopaths lead by extreme boredom, a highly awesome mix and that leads to the next seems alot of the clubs up there are lame 21+ guys play alot of backyards/house shows? Any memorable expreinces with the cops/home owners/neighbors? And what are your thoughts on the current north west  scene?

richie- we try and play as many house shows as we can. lately seattle has been awesome for it. last summer it seemed we played the snakepit house every other week. even as a kid i went to the dis-house in lake city and saw rad bands all the time. craziest house show was probably in oakland on our first tour. we played outside, the place was packed, everyone was shooting fireworks while we played. the cops came and blocked off the entire street in front of the house. kids that lived there locked the front gate and punks were just yelling, throwing beer cans at the cops until they left. nw scene right now is sick: drunk notes, nudes, carrion cathartid, white rhino, chronic tomb, numb, society nurse, bone sickness, exogorth, + probably more i'm forgetting.

Cam- House shows are the best! house shows have always been really fun, chea!!!

CW-yeah seattle shit's super rad especially this past year, us and all the bands Richie noted, Carrion Cathartid fucking kills it, personal fave, house parties are all about skating through the ceilings in the basements, barfing, 20 foot roof top beer bongs, loving the devil, making out, eating a bunch, making out, and Satainic Party Skins. House shows in 206 are the most legit fah sho. Babes.

OPQ-cw what happened to your toof???

cw-It was the only one I didn't brush!

OPQ-Alright lets talk about the new 7" (it fuckin rules) where did you guys record at and what was that like? Any memorable studio moments? and who the fuck did the killer ass artwork? and lets talk a little about the band name.

richie-our friends uncle chris recorded the 7" in a studio in his backyard in white center. it was pretty chill. he had an outhouse outside the studio and a big pit bull guarding it. our buddy Jeans in oakland did the artwork.

CAM- Yeah we recored live super fun. our longtime homie in oakland  jeans did the artwork for us.

CW-recording was super legit, $20 an hour, dude was super detail oriented, stoked with how it sounds and shit. Ate some burritos and I got to pet this dog that was super stinky and rad. We were initially gonna be called Emilio Molestevez, but that sounded too porno grind and shit.  Totes Brute just kinda happened and stuck. Oh and fucken Jeans' shit for our cover is fucken boss, duh.

OPQ-Gear...guitar center,pawn shop,barrowed or stolen??

richie-most of the guitars, amps, cabs i've had for a while and they work well enough. gotten them used from various sources. i'm always breaking effects pedals but i really like the dod thrash master.

CW-most of my shit, sticks, heads, cymbals, etc is all just broken ass dumpster score shit. Other shit like stands and some cymbals are kickdowns from friends Not sure about my shells, but my hardware is Gretch, my dad gave me that stuff a few years ago, they were his drums in th 80s. I just bought a head for my kick drum for the first time ever.Actually, the first time I bought anything for my drums ever. It totally sucked. $50. Yikes.

OPQ-whats been on the turntable/tape deck lately????

richie- been blasting a lot of culo, cannabis corpse, crazy spirit, zz top. and rappin 4tay.

cw-Anal Cunt, Dead Moon, Mariah Carey, GG, Tupac and Dead Prez, every day.

cam-Nunslaughter, antiseen, Culo, Sex vid, Deicide, Spits

OPQ-have you ever woke up to a roach or banana slug trying to get in your mouth?

richie-haha i think we've all probably woken up with a weed roach in our pockets.

CW-One time I had a cetipede chilling on my back, just out of hand's reach for 20 minutes, all hungover and shit. I mean, if you wanted a literal answer to your question. And last summer I had a pet slug named Doug, but he ran away from home. I usually find cool stuff in my pockets that I wasn't  previously aware of though. Roaches, to say the least...

cam- yeah pretty much brain dead and pissed off, it's easier than it looks!

OPQ-roll call/r.i.p.'s/thanks/fuck yous

richie-thanks you and opaqus records, jimmy and incursion, all the houses we've played and all the girls we've laid. r.i.p ana bender you'll be missed. we'll have a new tape out this summer and are touring the midwest and east coast in july. full west coast tour again in the fall.

cam-Chronic Tomb, Drunk Notes, Ana Bender(rip) Carrion Cathartid, Wilt, Nudes, Dispanic, ChetWrecker,And all our other homies !!!!!!!

cw-fuck yeah, all of the bands richie and cam mentioned, RIP Ana Dyson...too cool for this world, and thanx to all the rad people who have us play their houses boo ya!!

AND FUCK COPS!!-richie





friday 6th -- seattle
saturday 7th --missoula
tuesday 10th -- appleton
wednesday 11th -- milwaukee
thursday 12th -- chicago
... friday 13th -- detroit
saturday 14th -- lima
sunday 15th -- cleveland
tuesday 17th -- pittsburgh
wednesday 18th -- buffalo
thursday 19th -- hartford
friday 20th -- nyc
saturday 21st -- philly
sunday 22nd -- baltimore
tuesday 24th -- richmond
wednesday 25th -- raleigh
thursday 26th -- knoxville
friday 27th -- st louis
saturday 28th -- minneapolis
-drive home-

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